About Me

lady in red

Girl on a mission!!!

I am many things among which I identify as Lawyer, Poet, amateur artist…but before all of these things, i am a STRONG, educated black woman.

I have never been much of an extrovert, so me taking up blogging is a challenge in itself. I’m not so sure about how much of myself I’m brave enough to share, but i guess we’re about to find out. The purpose of this blog is me saying … OK aesthetics aside, this is me, i am not perfect and like so many I struggle, but these are my truths.

I figured i have a LOT to say about so many things, sometimes they may be meaningful, silly, deeply introspective or other times completely random and utterly pointless but either way,  there are about 7 billion people on the planet so I’m pretty sure someone would be interested in whatever i choose to rant on about.

Join me on my journey of self discovery and empowerment. So excited!







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