The fall 

Today I fell,

Heaven chewed me up

And spat me out –

I landed in hell.

The demons took

A good look at me

And couldn’t understand

The cause of misery;

I was sent packing

back to purgatory.

So here I am,

In no mans land;

My angels abhor me

And my demons pity me.

Today I tried to purge my soul,

So I broke the flesh on my arms

Exposing meat as white as snow.

Scarlet rivers ran against brown,

And gathered like pools

Of lava in my palms.

Today I tried to free

My heart of all its pain,

But as I laid here and bled,

I felt myself drowning

In the tears heaven and hell shed.

I submerged again and again

And now I’m lost

In an ocean of disappointments

It’s hard to stay afloat

Because like my ancestors,

These long African arms

Never learned to swim.

|| wahjay ||


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