Blue eyes

She cocked her head to the right

Eyes lowered, avoiding eye contact

As he tells her of his old friend

Who had a scandalous affair

With a hot mamacita

“30 years younger” he repeated

“He married her” he trailed off,

“I suspect she married him because

“He smells like dollars and his eyes

“Are as blue as his passport”.

At the point, she raised her head to find

Her new lover smiling at her

She looked at his pale waxy skin

And all it’s grooves and creases,

And wondered whether others

Whisper the same thing

About the two of them.

They were better than that.

After all 20 years difference

Is much better than 30!

Of course theirs was genuine,

Because his eyes aren’t Blue

And he sure doesn’t

Smell like dollars.


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