The fall 

Today I fell, Heaven chewed me up And spat me out - I landed in hell. The demons took A good look at me And couldn't understand The cause of misery; I was sent packing back to purgatory. So here I am, In no mans land; My angels abhor me And my demons pity me. … Continue reading The fall 



She's indecisive But she falls in love On the first day. She's a hopeless romantic, After barely a week  She starts thinking of baby names. In the blink of an eye She'll resent him in the worst way. He'll ask "what's the matter" She'll refuse to speak. He's patient But she can tell He's growing tired … Continue reading Indecisive

Thirst trap

She's a thirst trap For wandering men. Beware of hashtags that read "I've got the juice". Because its not news  That her heart Is a desert; Dry and barren - Darling...weren't you told That a graveyard of bones  Is no place to  Build a home? ˜@wahjay˜